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©ttober, 1926 


Jjttotxnt CExurroU. |Ut«cie 

OJiJutniiliifl SJillfl mift Amiuttlri» 
Have you remembered the School in your will 7 It haa no r^.^ 
e» except Mrt. Shimer'a estate and its income from ,>up»ls. U«e th,s 
form for bequest; 

also Ktvo luul l.i4iueJlli ' Uiittiirs for tbt- i(ur|K.«is 

after my Ueceaae, 

thereon stanill»g (time «'f^"^ J;"\' ... ^.j,, Aciuk-my. its 

iind a!«JiK"s lorevor, for tUe pmi>">t'» »!«*» "^^ 

Write the Dean concenting annu.ties. 

The Books of Account of this Institution are -^'^^^L "S'nVw 
R.„ Brothers & Montgomery, chartered public accountants of Ntw 
y^k H^l«r.h. Philadelphl. Chicago. The Treasurer. Dean and 
BooklcMper are under fidelity bonds 

■ pytiW%<>«-0«*IOCfi 

At r'**Mif, fc<T *" 


j^rances ^fjitncr 98ltcorb 




Volume XVUI Maual Cairoll. Ultnoit. October 1926 NUMBER 3 


ViKomiA Jean Cami'ueix 

Department Editors 

Mii». W. I\ McKee, ^(wimh^c: 
Maeqahkt Sikclaie. College ^27. Wierar!/ 
WiLiiKLMiNA BiKYO, College •27» 2^etc« 
Makcarct 8chok5'fo-d. Academy '27, vlri 
KATiirjti.'Tis Waabon, College m Ewchunue 
Jai^k O'Boylk. College *27. /It^^^trri 
Mary I'f-UM, College '28. Jolfe* 


lUxBiia. WiHTB, College *2ir, 

IlUTii SiMMO?«B, College '28 

Sarah Foimift, Aciulemy '2T 

Emily Kkkd, Aeaclemy '2$ 

Mahy Eu/AfiETTii Haokman, Academy '29 

Y^H RoGEBB, Academy 'SO 

Faculty AdvUen 
Miss Parkkr 
Mtar Pou-ARO 

g^i-^0«fcBiMl 1911. ** M*- 



I J -^ 



Graaiuilly. the si^leiidor of the 
gold sun 

And i>uri»l(» *Uisk 

lu>? all 

In a ^ott mnnUe. 
Sooii ilm^Hiing into volvet 

Sttir^. jilowittj: life 
Dyhijt tMiil.tns. steal rt^ro:^^ 
the i^ky : 

AiKi tibialis of white. 
Trail in jr ^i"<"" the silver iiu><>n, 

Shtidow the ihirkeniHl 

W'iyrUl inflow, 
A unlet stillness. J^rene, un- 

A softened bennty — 
And niuht ban vmm. 

v/ VX* 


iRu Stgtiumii 
1 sitnntered dc^wn the hij:hwny 

J list li^ the clay wa?^ done, 
The : i^ht chili eiime from the vidley 

With n-.** ^^Wuvz f»f tl»t^ *^»*'- 


I tbougbt of other bli^'bwa^^ii 

All warm, uut tii the Went, 
Thiit leiuJ ucTOMH the^ city 

To the Bitui i love the bifSt 

N<i ehlU upon thorn hlgbwaj» 

No wish from them to roam, 
Ib it heetiUMe t)iOH«» hiiihwnyn 

Ix^aU alwa^H to my Hqiikj? 

IMiW Driggs Baker* College *28, 

The air la cool and ntill tonl^^ht, 

A million Htiirg I nee, 
Fiiiih one ii thiy c-8ri(ik'4ight 

Eiifoldhig myntery. 

Who kiiOWK tiie wnntH thfit thfy hnid, 

*>r the* stories they iniiKt kwp? 
Titoy have m.H^ii thc^ yi^ars unfohl 

Ai)d wat('hecl all ageu nlc^p. 

Bernlw I'Mwardfi, Colletce '28. 

(0ur Erfiirh 

Now that we have all lieeome acqiiftiiitiil with eaeh other, and the 
new^esn of Hchool routine han worn off, it hi time for un to think uer!- 
ou«ly of the future. We fmi>^t ri*iiieinli*T thni i.ur (ijuhern are jndgjhi*]; 
UJ* every day hy our eondnrt 1» vhim. our ability and desire to leani, and 
our retentlrm of knowiedp. 

The name of XMh mmnvAue nlmM l>e an in^pl ration to us throoghout 
the school yean Not only In our studies, l*ut in our entt?rtainmentH, our 
frhudsiilpH. and oiir Hi>am, we ^hotihl strive lo make a "Record- that 
everyone would be proud to t)OS?«»8h. 

dctinni &pirtt 
T -Sehool Spirit ■ ix a true enibuHiaHm for the thlnp* that make for the 

l>est of the entire h<1kk>1, Tbln enthti.ia«m should W itotleeable in all the 
Htudent «etlvltie«: otherwl^ they beeome merely m\t-^)iing onm. U m^ 
ea;. supi^ort any projec. la«nche<i hy th. ^hcK.K whether It I. for a qaiet- 
er ehai>el or a winning: team, ^hi^ has Srue -Muh>\ HpIrJt . 
7l To love ones .ehool with oue". whole heart, to honor Ita tmdfUon^. 

ta'uve up to Us .tnndards. to strive for It^ aim., to abide by ^^ ^^^^ 
"aek i up" wbolehenrtecHy and earne^tiy In ail that It -<l^^f^ 
^f.t to Bho!w real ^•8cho,>I Spirit^ loyalty i. the very core of ^Bdiool 
l!;!^ir. and ^^Sehool Bpirlt" i. the very foundation of a .nod .ehc..L 

fflH Jtrat amprr Bfiinnfl of WxmttB Bbimn 



^»,«f T lind been exacting to see a wjcond New York, 

Orand ^^^^^^^^ Zl^Z^r that I was now at Mt. CarroU, 
but tU-mXy toUl "^J ;^V^^^";';;\„ ,^^ ,^^ ^^^^ of the IUi»ol« countryside, 
and to be helped off "^^^'^^^*" J^^^j^^ „f ^,y Hnee. an tl.c yellow earn 
I was feeling l-'''"^/^^^ J^^. mrstandh.« u» the cd^e of a cornfMd. 
,ollod by me. -« Y^^^^i" , ^^^ Uvn of «uy description visible. How- 
with my luK«a!:<' '^V l^^ Iml v pa.t. 1 id.k.d up hoi>e. for ac-ro^a 

Z'^^ --^- ^-'"^^^^^ ""^ ^'"^ "*""'"" """ ''"^" "" 
red Ford. , 5 ,. i„,tidtnKs and iK-autlfiU tree- 

Tbe green CB-P- - »» ' ^,,,,^,, and I knew Umt I sbouUl 
sluuUHl walks ••«"«^V ' >^, ; ^ ,„, ,,t,i, „ „ew c..nfid.n<*. wUU-U laHtcd 
soon love Sbiuu-r. n>ls "'"»";™,,,^ „, .^^ „^,v nirts la my bail-nitH-tlnK 
throuKh tbe ordeal of ^""^ ^T^ ^^J^ ,,^^rniio., and h. fact 

"- l-'>\'^ «';;r r :;:; U-r uJTlrlxSin. rain outsld.. Howovor at 
nu to luncheon time, " *^ f J^^^ ,„„„^ ,,,,, ,,».•« all at on.-e. and bor- 
l„n..hcoa my *-""'*"^'- /""''\ " J" saaee! Not usually fa^tldlou*. al.out 
r„rs of horror.s. bak.d e««s *" 2'^^J;^7„;,,, ,,.„.,,i,- d.spls.. «,h1 avoid 
,,Uat 1 .at. l...U.a eg.s In *-^'^"» f ' \^;Xv was r»lny, both In.lde and 
whenever possible. The ron»al»der of the dft> 

„„t. «« far a« I w- --';-;• ^,^,,^^^^,. ,,,,,, ,„r seevral wee.. I can 
HavtuK now Inou at Han^^n . n_ .^uid„'t? The v«ry Joy of 

,„oU back at those tU|a.s •-^^;- f^,.;;^:;;^.^^ 

,.,,,« alive un the.; fa. '^'^^^^^,, ..ft.r n Ion. vacation, ami 
sunshlre. ot poln? to dashes ^ '"";.. ^^^ three-thirty, six-lls h.vpplness 
,...t of all. of joining the rush to Kat> t^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ..^ 

f..i- any Shlmerlte. ^^ 

NO. "Shlmer" was not f^ f"'"!"^^ ,„r. I had a feolln*. of po^^es- 
When I arrived «« the ninth "^^^^ ' ,,^„„rt its way up the 

Hlon overtake n>e: ^^ ;";,; "^ .'^e 'of the president, which had .K>ea 
front drivo. I notUvd ^'"'^/^^'J'-';^ ,^^j,„, ,„^ «H„„,t completed home 
„,« ^'tartcd l» J "»«.«•«« »«;; « .^« "' ,, ,,,, ,,.t the same "ShUaer". 
My .s...^^ of ,> -|;-J, « J: ^ , "; ^ ,,,, nun. .t home: and after 
J:Zr^ r;i:ram:;rran.n. my room. I did not want to . 

,^r«. AS I .nrvcyed th. t«»>le a wbK;h ja« -tt^ «• ^^^^^ ,,,,,,,,,^0. 

^^':Ti: r^a^r^r^^ ^in. exchan^m. «reetln..are all 

Z; ;::;: . my mu. ^-y- -ir.. ,..., ... .mme 
ACtor dl..H.r the cry aro. 1 ^ ^^ ^^^^. ^^_^^^ ,,,^,^.. ,,„t ^ ^^ 


quite diHiippoliiU'd to bear tbiit the box<^^ bad tiot yet arrlreU and that tlie 
iimil wcmid Im; <lelh't*ii»d to the ball uti bt^fore uutll the uew boxes came* 

I iHiereil into the former office of Uie Vns^Uhnit, and saw that It bad 
|>ecii eonverti'd Into a barik. Bauk^ bave nerer bold any eharniB for me 
Jii'iunrte I iic*t*vr H4H*m to bave u<t'iiffloii to fn*fiueiit them, 'flierefore my 
Ktoi> tb<;ru watj abort. 

Tbe mxt moniln^. I tbou^'bt It ray duty, due to tbe curiosity of my 
Bc?x, to iuwfR'et tJie cbatigen la WeKi lIiilL Indeed I was HurpdHed to see 
lliat then* were several new rooijin matJe out iif Itie ff>njier ajwirtmeiit of 
tU** I'reMideiit and Mik, il Kttr: lUvt^' mn\ furalHb ttJM>de« for ui*w fc-irl» and 


Otie fine rJioruiriK— <^r wan It raliibi^'V— we all erowded Into tbe new 
imst offU-e wbere we were tbrlUed to receive iimU in our own boxew, wbieb 
bore our room liumU'rH. I entered with bif,'b bopes of rei-eiving letters; 
but m seventy other glrl« had the »aHie Idea at Uie **ame moment, and aa 
tbe door uned for exit and entrants* was of ordinary width, my imn^om 
was not eiiHily ii(*(^*mi>U*^befl. TIi>wever lliere were nn i-aHUJiitir^s rn^iviL 
All In all tbouKb. there are many ehanuen **inee hint year, all for a 
bigger and 1h tter **Sblnjer" and m, 

**CjIve thein one more irheer 
While we all are here. 
A rou>(lnj: (*heer for F. H. H. 

Itah! Haht" 

IH)rothy Hill- 

3ii tiru of llari* 

■Well ^ti-Il Wi^l ! Ho El>ofi H i:lrl 1« mrning out to hc mi Mmmmm I" 
ni Knin^ puMbed bin Kllver-rlnnned .im. taeie. np over M. -^^^^^^^^ 
head and paK.*Ki the not. be hmi U^-n readlr k' acrcM. to Ma, Here Barah 
— i5e<* what YOU ran make of It/* he miUl 

Sarah Krau^ was u plump little woman who looke<l exactly an thou.^ 
.he were tneant to «It M^lu.i that old ix^wti^r mfft^-e^pot In the cheery 

onlv relation, now that Ki»on'. (^one, Ard way off there in-—. Sarab 
mI io .aulnt a hit to rend tbe .ddi^KH-'-Bane^liff-on^he-Had^n, it 

'^''''^U^Vh ^^^ Pfl i^ratebed hi. irrey rnrl.. ^'we have not «een Johaane 

, nl\^ Just a little Hhaven and a rli^ht n^nuy Utile minx she wa.. 

urn. AUva>. HI ^^ ^^^ ^^^^, j^^^^^ ^^ ^ p^t 



n K« nnw Horn wc csH givo bcr a good time" 

..Y„„r ,»>ln.l.«--» ""V- If- "'"'■""'-;; ,„ B,„„,H.. M.*.„ol*llo. Sit 1.. 

,a at bet "Stms«-t on the Hndso^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^ 

But tt .-a. Whentvllle '-^ '^.^'^ J^^^f^'^/i ., ,„te«a of the ...h-ndor of 

Notre Dame. Johanne found »-;^»;;^^ ;^' „. ,,,,,.„s .ame ..round th.. 
China." 8be snng out paUy. ^^j. ,„ jj,^ 

„ jr rrtr-':- :;;.::: t::.- .■-■•■ - — - 

muutul thf f«nu>r, there. thontiht of the trunk thnt 

ted to the indl..lty of a spring ^a,.."^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^,^^,^y„„^ 

drawn up at thi- f'id.. .>r the ^^oodin i 

they rattU.1 away. ^^^^^ ^.^^^^^ „„^,,. ,„„ ,„..kot 

"How are the pips, John .' .Tonanue r 

.11 litfic Ford whiH'zed iip a hill. 

.0 far a« they «ere <^«"-"\^';;"^,i"';! :^ "she had neter dreaded that 
She sat baek In the ernek.^ :^,',; "!;„,„„.. found herself .hu. that 


llji-y luiwscd Wfiiu'd Ko <"Oiitfim'<l ; tin- fri»-inlly (oilie iit IiIh iihihUt's gate, 
tlie Ultl*' lioy wJUi liln K*'iitU-cyftl v.uw, itiid thi.' Klrl wlio waved to tUmn 
an tbi'y imswil lit-r on Ikt K|iiriU'tl iMiiiy, Somehow, Johotmc.' fijuiid biTw^lf 
ihliikliiB of hvv fiivorltf ijUturi- — tlM> one «ht' loiiKfd to )io copaWe of linl- 
t»ttUi«. Shi' had wt'ii U In ii ti*mi«n»ry cxhildt Ih Hontoti. It wiih ii |il»-. 
lull.' (jf sliinl"w«— tltirk hazy oncM—aiid In tlH*lr mldnt, in ft ixhA »{ liglit, 
w](« II »miiU wliln- riKUi*' with ItH nniiK hiivulifd u|» to »* the dusky 
bmiiflifH of glaiit triH'M iiekI n inlHty »l(y. 

Suddenly the car turned Into « Irim*. Thcrft In tin- tnai-xrowUitt dunk. 
.Iidmiim- vt^fOiitihAHl tUo aluKwt fort{«tti-ii HllbonrttcH of the old squarn 
hoiiw, tlif Imrn, niid thi' tiniibli'-down t rwiincry. In n wctjwi nUf woh in 
n whirl f)f Kr»-('tingrt. Tliore wjih Inch- Karln wlil«kcry kiss, Auiit SitmU'M 
tout moihfily one, iiixl a little JK' k on the fhw-k from tlw twins, KnUi^r- 
i»f and young Karl. Stuiih hntl Inld a hik-cIhI ItiiKh of frenh UTrifH and 
cake on the kitchen table for .JoUnnie und after a lilile vlwlt and w.n«- 
rather iiwkwjird pw.l nlfiht.^, Khe Un.k her tip to tin- e.K>l H|«iri- li..<lr<i-*i». 
"You mu.Ht he i.relty tired after cotMliiK all that way on the earn," Sarah 
s..ia. "Now. ju«t have a Kood rent." And Hhe kl-«ed her nlwv fl.;d left. 
Johamie whh tired, and after hurried prejmratlonM. Rhe oHmlK-d Int« 
the lilsrh rour-iK.«ler 1«hJ to fall a*.l«.i. almost l^-fore the fnnv^ from th- 
inmo had imm-d nwiiy. H"f "lee,. w«k dw-,.. Imt th«>n-4> It the Htranse 
,uaL erept and her mind to worderlnK- There w«h tt.« ct^am, leKs 
Kon« of the eriek..t«. and now and then the Ktilidng eroak of froKK Then 
there w<-re H,rw of nlUmce finally hroke,. by n r.«.sier'« <fiU and Inu-r by 
r,K.|e Karl-H «o,>onmK vof<^ e,.11ln(c Joh.. Hot JohnrnH- did not o,.-,. 
,K.r eves until nhe heard the stea<ly .hUK-ehti^uIn^ of an enf,')ue U-m-th 
..r window. The rm„a was « fl-Ml of ..ndHrhi: ther« wer* Kreat «baf.. 
V 1 d-t «treaml„K in thron.h the windows «..d little iK-a-u- t^ay- 
t a : o- the mirror on the old wah u. dreHs..r. .lohanne heard a md 
tap at the door, and then naw a little pi^U.tled he.d «i.h a «hi..l„« fr-n-k- 
M f«w. "Oome In. Kalherlne." .loliHiine KHdh-d. 

Katherlne tiptmnl aerosH the eartH't «".! .loi>oslted u,v,n the wa.h- 

„r. 1 new to her. She «t our^- reHolve.l |.. ..r-l.-r more fn* 
riiii^ were uli >*o '**^^^ *" "*■ * 


r H t. 


T , „««« foU a (luwr warmth come over her a9 Oie answtTort their 
r, J<«ning« I wa« bo dlffon-nt from Banosdlf f ; not that Jo- 
r:r r noTh:::"....^ ther. hut there wa. .omethiu. U. the «euui..e- 
' "of tl^^'ir pr^'th... th.t oi>e«ed a ne.v worlO for her, 

Vfter hre« Johanne learned to wash the Be.mrator and preimre 

. > ?fo dhiiier With dinner over, she made a hatch of c«ukle« 

thevegetahleHfm dlunu. ^^^.^^ ^^^^^^^ "Kcmuner's 

luck. Aum ^^^"'l^- ^ .^ .. „„,, „!,, ti,„„^i,t uf h.r fh-.t sketches and 

"iTmUe Jh fo:K«.nH. and aU that it wa. to have «.e«nt to her. 
U, "five o-doek. Ma Krauze he^an to get ««PPor and after su.^r 

with the msnts. ^^^ ^j^,^ ^pp^,^. 

^jrz ;:;;r"..r r. ';,;;. « :.:. .»- , .,.«.•• *■ 

■"'■'■" ""' r "irr ::::.r:™ r„«. «,. ,.,o .,., ...,., .. 

was oriKimil. h"^ "« ^u^n^ IM.pp.v'.s <-ninson. 

„„.,„„„,. „, ......... •■".••;-;'•'-;'„,. „ Uw w,ul .he «nv« .,r a 

11,0 hirWuv.. W".'. »"" .h'- ""•;',„„ "• ,ht. «Hvnv» HnUl t» hl.r«.ll. but 
m,H.l.-Ut UU: Si"!-. >a->ll">"'»'«. """"•" '"' """ ' 
„„. „.v«l to ..>h.U n.-.«t 1.^ ^^._^^ ,„ „„,„,„„. ,„„ 

A sod wild rimiuM »" h""- """ . .. „.,,„,„, ,1,,. 

„^,„ th. ,..«.r .,..i„ ..„,. »--;,;■■;- ;:i,J,„;,,„. „.,,• ...... 

,.„„„,„ "' «-»'«-^;-; ;;;;;:•:„:;,;;,... «...,« ..- .» «.■ ;- 

,.,„ rt,.lr oh»rm. ^'.^ " ;™,„„„„ „„„ , .111 l-.n, it Uorc. M.v o... 

„,„,»y from B«„e«lirf. No,v ^» k. '» J";^' J \.„, „„ , ,,„„« l„.l,- 

c„,.i Ki-nn<*. anil his family. Miss KUium l^ >i'. ,....„ 

h^ ru " he ..^J.Ht uf much U tcrcst in the comnn . lt_ • 
and her vl^-u i> i<it j ,[j., 

"Mmmt.m.-w.U. welt. well, some Klrl.^^he^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ .^^ 


In tlu? iimny wdlks f>r llfi* to whi^b c^o-oiK^ration may Ik* njiiilted, there 
1h only oiH* with \vhh*!i Htt-h of tm U diredly eaiic-erncfiJ at prf^muu It Js* 
Cfi-o|K.TathJiJ In hHuhA Uf i^—Ui the «'hi.^« rf*i*jn, on tlm hockey fitld, or in 
tht' uiilire Hlijdeut body. 

Our ebiKH nttltufU^ li* of yzn^nU'Hi |jiijMirlJiiH*f^, for we an* not the iw*le 
jutli^CJ* of our iH}^t[H'rniUm, but our loKtru^rtors* jiidii*- Oi*, a* well, and £i- 
jyilly tbi* graU^'H OHiki* tbt* |*oiiit moru i*m\>lmtU^ We Hhouid Htrive for 
more than tbi^ mark or the inntniftor's indunwnl: it f*houJd Ije a more ah- 
Htratl HoiiirthioK — wiijMfactbjn. Almost any ifirl will frankly admtt that 
Bbe Jm far more mitlNfled with biTm^lf when «be has addt^l i^omi'tliliig to 
tbo ri»cltntloo. thai* when nhe huH Kt'oe to the danx rootn and tried only 
to rei:iHt*'r ioteM!fCH:f*e und to ab?<orh what othern have offered to the <'lai«* 
<llmij«slotu If yon are reatly to ^ive an well m to txike, you will hnjjroire 
yotirwlf and lj<*neflt others*. 

The work on the hm-key flehb and err of>« ration In th(> student bcKly 
with the teaiJi are hotb uh wonliy of <fia«ideralloii m nre effort Btui to- 
fijH^rotlon hi the ehJH^. There is more thfoi tlie *?lory of playing the game 
nrici the fellowj^hiii that In piJaed. It in the »i>lrtt of wllHngneHi* and a 
<le?«lre to work In harmony with ntherK that [h nio«t vahiahle, no let ii» all 
try to praetiit* team wftrk and eooi^Tatlon. 

Are you a nnob, or arv yon one of tbosi* iieople who jM^nmm^9 a eharm 
and ri pleaning |»erHonaHty, ciitmble of nmkin*; any one fi-el welrt)me and 
at ea»e when she \h In your pn-^'Ut^ ? There are nvMm In every ela.-^"* of 
f^oelety and !n every plac-e ibat iKojde come In loutaet wjUi one another, 
hui they mhi nothint^ by snohldMhr e^^. and often time** rhey km rt Kn^nt 
ileal by aKHutninfS that nni>leai*ant air. 

We mav **av that there ari> Muobn nlKMit u^ at all tSmeH. but in realltT. 
e^iwlallv nimnv: yoimu IM^ople, many of thest^ iM^>pli^ have no Intention of 
Irt^lnj: ^nobldsh. Un they are trying: to ni^mnio an air of mphl**tIeation. 
which often times amoni D* to haui:btlne*i^ and Uii^lom^, And why \^ It 
that 1>e^o|de make thS^ mistake? Most commonly It \^ only beeau^ the 
foolish vounfi fhinp. dr. not knmv how to treate the impreMion that they 
are ^ophlsticatecL It is proi>ably not part of their motives to stand a\mf 
from others and to Ki^e the Impression that they ftee! themselvei* far 



And afUT all. tlurc is notliing wnliuHl if oia- does mu-wfil In making 
her^lf a suob. Wherever Uie snob imiy «o sbe is soon iimrktMl us Ih'Iiik 
such ami Is no lougci- wunted, for she not only holds bcrsulf iu rostriiHit, 
l>«t evcryoiip in her i»vs«nt«, as woll. 

Uudoulitt'cllv. many n tHMson may t!ivt> the Imiaesakm that Hhe Is snob- 
bish wheu first intniom-ed to a strnngor. Imt this nmy l« HiM-ountod f<.r 
hv the faft that she is keen and scrutinUing In hor JndgnK-nt of iM^oide. and 
wishes not to make the mistake of being too willlnK and free with her 
frl.u.d'.hin the first tUne. Snch a vkthod generally proves to be the most 
loyal and welcome friend, for everyone realizes that her friendship Ib not 

''**''Ts there are snobs iti all walks of life, so we must have snobs among 
us bill if everv one on .unums wonld Iry to K«ard against «nnhhlslmess 
In ' h..vs..lf. she would so..n find that «he is much uaue welcome among 
..tbers and In-tter satisfied with iierself. 

(fill fircrlwius IRail 

Who would ever guess that there had always l»en such a thing as 

„,„il and that it had always been deltveml to every village, town, and city 

vh n see. .he office at F^auees Shlmer SehoolV He would have 

ir>n mink bit the mail was a miniature model, exhibiting the latest 

;,rf.'l ons in each tiny idgeou-hole .unp.rtment. and .hat w. were 

. e wlml w-shopiH^rs such ns a.nldo along Michigan lUmlevmd In CbU-ago. 

T vi.^ aal ti stormy enthnsiasn. is at Us height h. the vieln.ty of the 

I"t"ff c and no matter how desirous one may l>e of re<-elvlng h s mall. 

Imles^sheisln the mood to I* pushed and shoved about, the p<.st office 

is not the place for her. , .„ ,„ .« 

Vmn coming to the door of the post office the first thing to do i« to 

. \ r voiir tiP-toes (someone else's may be closc-r) and crane yonr 

:^:: to rv trca^lVa gllmr.^^ of yonr box. Probably the first attempt will 

; n urn. ll. for a do:.« or more l>eopie may be bobbing about in 

Jt of von. but If at first you don't 8«ec.^ed. try, try again. 

U la^t vou reach the window and give your number: the .nail s 

. Mf if is all for vour room rnnte. never sigh, for ^■^...■tln.e- .he 

wm'wrii i^e f >r " m a." you N-g.n to thumb Uu- letters to sec from 

«|ll u,ut in line I r . possession, you are 

:rirr;:rU"r;s" waumg. you .owy .-o.. your 

wflv from the post office, reading your letters as you go. 

' Of course if it is the morning's mail that ynu are after, and if >ni 
have ft <las.'« that hour, you will not Itngei all tm «a> 


Yon will Kt<Miri* jonr maH iiiul turn to make a hmiy ri^treiit; perliups yon 
will tuHiWy rip an t^uvulope oimi aud attempt to glance through the letter 
on your way t4) elam, and nioBt Uktly you wUl fall lieadlong up the stairs 
Of fliid yourself fflco to face with Home one else who to engroflsed In her 
owu letter. At last you find youraelf mtiti'd In the das«room, absolutely 
uiiavvari^ of Ijow you got there. 




AtljUltr Aauiiriatiuu 

Wc shoiiUl have ii woiuUuful A. A. this year iNBcauso— well— lleloii 
UioUm is pre8iaeiit^niou?,'h siihl. Amimm her. wi^ bave Myni Pola- 
dit^ek for viva presiilcnt. Kdlth Wunitr for ^cert^tary. mid Ik^nihv Taylor 

for tn'ft^un^r. 

The hiuids ot sinntB for the yi^nr nn^ as folloAvs 

Hockey -^-^--- 




BasketlniH ^— ■ 

imtuiiiK "- 

Kt cDHlr of iTointH 

Jfnnnjierj^ of the Hoiki^v tenm^ fire: 


Katherlne Steliinker 
_._ Mlraiuhi naui>i4\v 
Ci^rtrmle Dreesuinii 

Alli^e Frances Nelson 
Uuth PeteiHon 

Mari^rrthii Kabeler 

Mar^iunire Fenske 

\\v\h Hower 

Sophy Terry 
.„_ Jo8ei>hhie Barnes 

In spite of the weaaier-niln and no r^nnshlno-liockey l^ proi;reHKlnf: 
as well as ever. There are a buneh of new f^hU out. anionji whom ore 
some verv j^oml i^ayer.. It lookR as though neither College nor Ae.demy 
m zoim to suffer for lack of players when the time eoines for pieklim 
team.; There 1. n great deal of diseu..!on a. to whieh side I. j.otng to 
have the he.t team hut time will tell-aua ho will Thuuks^iviuir Day! 

Tenuis jn.t eannnt he li.te<i m ono of the fall sports this year, as 
the weather ha. prevented the use of the court.. Golf is workh^ out 
iH^tter this fall than ever l>efore as a new system Ib hehii: tried out- he 
rfrls tro out every fifteen minutes and report when they have made the 

Somothhis new thi. yo«r in th. way of UxM siK,rt«: V..lI^v0.n^ Tiu. 
v<.lk.y-l.nU fiWrt is .mt 1..V th. hm^key fWd, a.ul nlthonfrh the volh.>.h.U 



rollH over on the bockey field very of ten. the game Is hehkg enjoyed by 
ihoiMt wbo are out for It, 

lu «plte of the fact tljat there ban been a change and everyone takes 
gym after mhool now* the attendance at the varloiia flport» has been good 
II ud each HiKirt m^mn to have its own eDthufilastic foilowerfl. 




^. m, (fl. A, 

lOvery i,'lrl on campus is l»- 
vitt'tl t«i bcooine a memboi' of 
tho Y. W. C. A. at Fniutes 
Shimer. MoetliiKH are lu-Ul 
livery Thm-HiUiy eveuliis; Hi 

«:4B 111 till! lAMDlKe- At tlH'SO 

moetiuss vjuions proWems of 
lite avf tUscusjwrt mul ways 
lu whlt'h tlu^se can Iw nu't. 
The (ll«i'"ssioi;s arc intoiestt- are altomlo.1 by a laiKc 
imiubin- <tt j;irls. 

Last sprliis: the foHowhij: 
offU-ers aiul cabiiu't memU'iH 
wi-i-e olpctetl f<»r thU ywir: 
rit-shU-nt— lU'ltie Baki«r : Vict- 
I'lTsUlcitt «»<l chiuriiiJiu of the 
niemlKTshlu coimnlttce— Jnne 
OBoyU*. StH.-rotavy ami chair- 
nirtu of thf PiililUlty Vom- 
„iltti'o — JtK-*oithino Barnes : 
Trt-nsuviT nm\ ohalrman .T 
the Fniiu;(*s Shinier Commit- 
t(H._Kuilly Ui>G<l: C^hairiiinn 
of thp JUH'tiiifis Cnnimlttw 


(■»...;.■,.,.... of the World FelU.wshlp Cf.muiUtoe— tvUth Cains, i uair 

Of Miss Fortiia. Miss l..u'n/iniin. Miss Hljipins. Mi>.s .woi 
Miss nowtiiriT. Miss Tli-ivfii. atitl Mrs. Mt-Koo. 

flttith ?flRh! 
The fht nm^ Niuht of ti.o year wa« Saturday evcnIUR. Sopt.Mnlu.r 
,,i,I!«th Th re w.^e e>ev„ Hnl>. orsanl..!. ea.h one nn.ler the conn- 
elslitt-euth. Ihtre ivtrt ei ^ j ,.,„.i,.„. ^.f ,,i„bs there was 

seJorshir of « faculty meralHT. llf.-finse or uii ^ini<i.^ 




to i>l<*k from, imdi kIiI wuh able to fhul ono whose imrijosc would inter- 
ml lu>r. ThlH In the flnst ytmi ibat It hm bixm comuulKory to JQiu a club 
uiitl tliiit till of tbe eliilm on earapug have met on the »aine night. It is 
Imin^a that, on them! Sfltiirday nlgliti*, each one will gain some prattioai 
kiKiwkMiice at her duh, and will miioy the eveijlng. 

Arts onh (Craft b (Club 
The Arts and VvuUh (luti. at the firKt meetliie, elnl^Kl Olive Smith, 
rrewldent; and Mar^v Ann (*'Hr,ylv, Sc^ntury atjil TreiiHurer. Thin mmm- 
ter. with the help of MIk.h Fertna* we have deeldetj u^ make lamp shadeii 
and weave ha^keUi. Then next nemeHtc*r we will make heather arUele«. 

QLurrtnt {Injftrti Club 
The eurrent Pm^try Cinb met in Mlm Pol lard *?? rf>om In MeKee. \o 
offlif^rH were eleeted, but ft wfi» divided that a ix^muilttee would l^ af>* 
pointed to tak** rhJn;:e nf (he ntH^tinjrK SIIkh Pollard will n-ad the immm 
we jadeet. Hhe read "The EverlaalinK Merey'' liy Maw-field, an onr flri4t 
|MM*ni, After reading: the i>oeni she wrveil refn*KhmentM. 

t^ctrnrt anb ^atlifmuttr CClub 
The Selene*^ and MatheniatieK Club met in Hathaway parlor under 
MIkh Downhip'H HniKTvlHlon. From a memlKTflliSp of eischt ^lrl» the fol- 
luwinK offle^'rH weer eleeted lemiK^rarMy : 
Prej^ident— Ibnothy .lohii>«»n. 
Vi(i* Prenhlent— Periilta Adanin, 
Reeretury and Trea«nrer — Miriam BtHm^r. 
Two roiinnittiH'i* were ehoni^n Ut arrait^^e th(* pro^'ram for the year and 
to <lrft\v ii[) the constitution. 

JLiff C^mttrl Club 
1*he Travel fUuh nf Frarit^s Shinu-r w«h orpnnz^'d tnidf-r the Kiiper- 
vision f)f MlsH Morrison, PlauM for rhe i^miUm ynir, and the elertirm of 
uttmn^:^ was the only huHinewH at the flrs^t nwtinff. The reimlt of the 
(>rriefal eleetlou wa« as falloww: 

President— Mar jorle Crune, 
Vice President— WilhehnSua Meyer, 
St*ereta ry — C*a rol Hi tehf* y. 
Treasurer— Anna Xorri«. 
1 he aim (►f the Travel C'lub Ih to ar^nalnt the merol^erg with pMa-m 
of inti^re^it abroad, Ml.« Morrison will lead uh from i.Kintry to country, 
fcdlowin^ the Itinerary of one of her lourM throuf:h Euroi^e. Em^ inendjer 
will IM^ a fact findhm €ommi*^ion ami will carefully prepare a ihort In^ 
terentln^ leitnr*. on a .^xnifled country or plae.> of intc^n^.t L^ht re- 
freshment.. eharaeterlHtlc of the country traveled through during th. eve- 
tjlng. vvilf be S4»rv('il af. oacb moetlnd. 

JEift ffinrrrn! Jlrtton €lnb 
At till, first,.:.- "f th,- Curr.nt Flr-tlon riiil. unrtor th. arKlsornblp 



Of Miss West and Miss Parker, officers were electca mirt plans for the 

^ear made. 

The officers are: 

President — Loulwt Si>is.stm. 
Vice Presklent— June !'• OUoylo. 
Secrt'tary— Helen (;rolilH;n. 
Treasiuvr— Katheriiie Wossou. 
We .iivided oorselves iuto proiips of fours; each snHip is to l.Hid one 
meeting. ^Ye pln.i to lea.l and dtsi-uss the latest fUti-.n. and have started 
lilans for ubtniuluir those l>c>oks. 

ail^r H^rrrn Curtain Sromatlt (Blub 
The Green IMiimatk- Clnl. nimU- an i-arly stmt this year by 
tnki..i: in five new pirls and by seeurmK the lonsent of Mias Miller to be 
. ^ixmsor. These fiv. .'UU apiK-ared in ,.lay« given here lant year. 
Mi<s Miller eomes to m hljrhly»<led and we-feel honored with her 
a, our advisor. At the first meeting Kdith Wanu-r was .-hH-tcMl president: 
Fve vn SimUnmn-viee president: a.ul Eleanor StronK-r-secrHnry -umI 
tia.«ror. The first tryonts were held In Hathaway ,hu- or „» Hep em u-i 
ir'The Hmnul. and lust tryouts wore In the <ha,K4 on Saturday. (MoIk..- 
t Vfter n,uch .h.Ul^.ration we deeided that there are fl great number of 
^nlPnted cirlf; here this year. We finally di-rlded o,, f<mrt*H.n who. we 
^Zl ™»»ce a and ..tier Hran.atie .'Inb Tbir pledge «^k 
wl. from (Vt<.ber lOth to the miu The informal n.hlatio. was in Col- 
xl Hall parlor Uetoln-r is. and the for.nal initiation Saturday afternoon. 
Octob!'r 2:1 The old member, gave « dimmer at Smiths for the fourteen 
new memlHMS on Saturday evening. 

^titrli auh (Chattrr Club 
The Stitch and Chatter Clul* was orKanl/.id in West I hill. 
The Z-rs are Miss Watklr. and Ml^s i.arrow. Tin- orfieers nro as 
follor: lTeside»t-Mur.«n.t Sho-nmUer: vice presuleut-Mary Lou Me- 

^ pur,>.>se ..f this <-lnb Is to form friendship., sew. and lean, to 
The^ponsor. serve<l refreshments iH-fore the meelng fldjonrned. 

5lif Jreml? Olluh 

Vernette White. Kvelyn I<eMunyon. and Alice Palmer. 

We are «oi»^ to have many '"^eresting ,u-o.ra.„. ,u,ri « 1 b- 

year. We stmll learn French songs, ami work on the v^. L An.l.iis 
On'on le Parle", and varions others. 

before the elo.e of onr hot ehoeolate wn.s served. 



A group of ahoiit twt'nty ^IHw iiit*t toKt*tlu>r ami orj^iiTib/**! tbe llo.^Uiira 
Chit). MlHii AllyiH* took dKirsJi- of tho nuHiliiij^. A constitution won adMpl- 
i^tl, iinU the following offiivrri were cU'ili'd : i'n^^itk^nt — liaye Itobtw;; xUe 
lirrHidoiit— Ek*unr»r Thelcle; m^TOtary— llt*lt*ii Miller: troa»ijr*!r— Dorotby 


The Club Mh \mm tlhitUHl Into k'roiii*^^ and eiieb one is to liaie charge 

of ft nieettnj;. 

As ItH adviwore the elub Um mmtm Allyn, Petent, Wallace, and Ward- 
welK The inenilierii of the elub are very eirtbnstluHtle and are Iwiklng f<*r- 
wiirtl to an enjoyable atnl piofitable year. 

3Ptirl #tidaF ftorartB 
The UiWu (Mub with a incinlH^rshlu of flfte*,^ii uMh was organbi^rl 
with MlHH IJoHtetier an fidvlKor, At our firnt mw*tii;(C we ehoHir our offlivrM 
and a mime, and dlneuHi^etl i»lanH for future mwthi^K, Mim ilo^Utt* r ncrv^ 
ed rhcK-tdnte in her roon> hi lltithaway Hull ufUr the inH^tlng had ad^ 
jcmrned. We are nil antivlpiith»« mim very hitere«lhig Hutnrday nijibM 

"''^^The offii-i^H (bo^en are m fcdlown: 1 oi huI (,.n sid.nU^M.iry 
rrniu^n Mnrrav : IToC^on.ul (vb«e president J : li*db Uuwer; Qune.tor 
(treiiMirerj-Sara Flnb y ; l^raetor (neeretary >-Ho|)hy Perry. 

it|f Croguf of ffltimrn Hottra 

The flrnt nu. tin. of the r.u.ue of Worn.n Voter, wan -I*-' ;;;';J- 
Uv Ibe au-iut.d ehairn.H. Fraoee. Gnyl^'. The hn.un.H inj.*ti.n; v^ 

will U- pnwiit nt all mtK-tinRH. ai „.„,,,„- m.-i.tlnK In «««n onH^r. 

iHjj wns ntljaium-l nt r.ii .-nftHii. 





i^f Arquiltilrh Etu 

WiHhwHiUiy oft<*niooii. Ht^pn^niWr the eighth, the ¥. W. C. A. cabinet 
iiiPiiilK iM wir.' Iii*st*-SH( g lit I) toii, ulym \u *h** Cdi^git Ual) imrhiTA, ta m 
urqiiuluUnl, AHliouKh wt? coiikl naji<*iulR*r injjy ti ivry f<-w limnes after 
thL^ tm* we at ieaHt knew emh ulh^fn fun*«, Nw d<fuU mnny of the firnt 
fih'iKlKhipH were fdrmccl tner the t^'acuirn at the **Oet AtHiuafntea Tea**. 

rhi TluuHiUiy nJj^ht. Hi>t(^mt>i*r 0, we had o«r rir^t luovkv Wimani 
Hai»*»H 111 **lVrowii of Harvant '. AHlH»imU umny uf iik had mi*f|j the «how 
liefiU't% we all i^iij*>yetl M4*eju^ Hnmu miMy ilmm^U his fmir year» at 
('ollf*;;(% M*Mt' ihfui iJiK* icirl huiieiileil t|j*' fart that atit* eouhl not t>e Iti 
51ary*H \>\nvr, 

Fnr «>iir Keeond movie on Hriturday iilj;ht, <iet4>}K^r w»NHid, we wer^ very 
fcM'tutJiite In hJiviiig one of the most widely known movies of the year, 
Tth^hiinl l>ix In "The VanfKhini; Aim^vU-Jur. 

TIhi movU* ftiade us rini\hA\ as we never had \H'f(m\ the nuiuwl treat- 
ment of the Red Man and how rntiidly the real Amerk*aii, the Indlain i« 
vantshliit; from the I'nited HtateH of Aaierlfii, 

Oiif firnt Haturclay nijclit, HeptenilKT eh^venth* wnn sinml In Colh^gt* 
IlaU with the Y. W. C. A. helping iw to find out **who wa*^ who'* amon^' 
the faenlty ftn<l stiidentH of Fron^'OM Bhlmer. When the old girb* had ar- 
rived with thi'lr new jrirJ jriii'Hta the fiiniUy fynni'd a ihje in the hall* 
rormi, lUlm* BaUer fntrtKhnt^d each icul to l're?*id('nt MeKw who in tuo! 
h trothM-tsl Iter to Uvj^, MeKee— and thiiH the ^irls were imtwiHl alon« the 
line* After thb they were dlvldc^I into grouiiH aee<*rdlnjj to the states they 
had left not many day;* lK*fore. Hie HtairlimdlnL' at the pad of the hall 
,^<*rved 05^ u jstii^v for the MtlintK \vhh'h wire rejHV^ nUithe at eaeh i^tnte. 
More tliati one faeulty meiutH-r inUu^ii in the fun itml tu li*i*d to hold tip the 
r**pntati(»ii of her «tate. After the HtnntH lee eream m d (^ke wm *«-rvetL 
By the I line the ent« were dlMjM>5«^l of. It wan tSnu* for evpiy irirl to ko to 
hi 1- room and to think over the ;;oo I time whe had hud. 

Elir fflarfitimallaitJ Eoart 

(Jiir siMond Katnnhiy nleht. S^itrf-niUr 1^. wiil Ion- hi- nine ait-^rM. 
The trndltkniat Mnr^hmaflow HonHt wa>« triven l^y n- Mhhfir A^<*Hnatlon 
in the Qund ktween MeKce mid T'oMetre HnllK 

SotHi after the two Ninflre.H %vere nrhtc^i. the m^ t«^«i'» *<> ^^^""^ «"^ 
the uktdele« to Htriim, and the air fille 1 with m^:-^, old and new. Then 
vu- wen^ Kiven mar^haudlows to roa.t-nm! wer^ th.y fro^KJ^reniaj and 
Koft on the m.tde. .rNp K.d .ornetiines a litth^ more thaa a nl^ hrown 

Win... u-.. bt.<l hiKl our fill "f ninrsh.nnno.v. plntt.r nft-r Matter -f 
w« w,.s an. hy u«r l,<.st. - -. A,.,l I n.. mt. «« 



"nls'^ir" ever onJoycHl his wfltermeloii more tlmii \vi> "ShUuiTit™" did B8 
wo s'toocl arouiul the dying i-mhiMS of the bonfUus. eallii« the wHti>i-mgl«ii 
whUh we knew to »>e our last for the year. 

Suiulay I'vi-ninj!, SeiitcmlxM- li», the nlil miuulx-rs of tho Motaik- Cluh 
*.i,tert.UMea the iifw niLUih£.rs. Mis« Ho«tetter. who is the head of the 
Suudav School Dopartiiieiit of the Baptist Church, was liitr«<hiced to the 
Jrirls by Miss Morrison. The evoiihig was 8iK>«t Hm-ially uiui all too soon 
the party wa» eudeil by the VeMi«r iwU. 

Sntiirdav nlfjht. Octotwr ». each Y. W. C. A. naMnlH-r tooli a 
..OHi. Of about twenty yUls ou a i.h-„ic to some s.K.t ..ear Mt Car- 
roll Vll of the «roniw reporleil wmuU-rfnl .^ats a.ul a wonderful lln.e. 
\tter the n-tiirti of the iiieniekers. each sronp Bdvc a stunt In the gym. 
Tb.> stunts wore all very clever and orltiiml. 

Arttut litcitnl at 3Franrre ftljimrr 

Oea^ioninp eonslderable interest, espeei.illy among lovers of ohamk.r 

nuHic was the a,i,«n«. Tuesday evening. Si-ptemlH^r 28 of the lleerma,, 

!S^U « Quartet in Metealf Unlh Jml«i"« by the repn.atior. wbKh pre<-..ded 

theul there was every n>aso» to ex,H.t that they are a ..nartet of unusual 

uower. pivhiji a beautiful a.ul eonvlnelnt: i-vrfornniure. 

"^ Tiu reeital oiH-ucsl with a most satisfy inj: p<.rformnnce of the «.*- 

thoveu Quartet in G : the f<Hir movemenls reeelvi»« a won- 

Wful V Unpres.'.ive treatnieut b. the variety of dynamic effects and tonal 

llX!: Si.'-ed. and the ability to placn. the last shade of na-aning In a 

^'"'Sr:I:!I;ur^:::;,>-four SoveUettes by Gia.««now-afforded even 
more contrast of ^rac.>. <l«sh and brllUanoy. in their modern harmonies a.ul 

'""r'^f^l'thlrd .roup of Fom Son.s of varion. countries completed 
the prou-ram. Though more or less elaborated. the.<e songs of the people 
lolt norof their s.H..t=u,oiry or sincerity at their hands, but retained their 

iinuitp simplicity. 


^nturdnv eveulnfT. Octoln-r twenty-third, we went "Northing to 

Mask -Uni^ht Sun" with Mr. ... Watt Kel«r. We followed him from 

^^ ti^^h Ihe North Dakora Bad I.u,ds. Montana, the H-»^-V «-- 

«1 s to S.a tte. Here we went tbron.h Tacoma National l'"rlc. jhUe we 

u : T Mt Ttcomn formerlv ku<.wn as Mt. Halner. From Seattle to 




IKik'U, ttud many to%vriH. dewt^rtid since the mUl rui^h of '98 ThU is the 
laiid of tht. iiiiaiaKlit HuiK We wiitelied the huh «iiik closer to the horizon 
until It wim uMi^mi tht-n It slowly ro^e again. Afu^r m^iug tht^ mid- 
iifght Hiin we UmnlHl thu nU^mmr again and HUrtod on the way home. 

On O* t(*lK*r fourth. Fronh Week liegaD wiUi all thi> traditional vigor. 
The prectHlltig evinjng ea<*!i Fronh re<idved her ordtT8 from her Bopho- 
more. In fiUdteiiti* to tht»HO, ulu* imHUfvii on 'Quad" at *jlx-thlrty Monday 
niornhii;, aitin*<l In Kklrt« >44«vfMj \nvUi*H from ih<! ground, mlddleg on hack- 
WJinlH. Hhoert and Hto^kingH, anything hui maum, hair bniHhcd iMiddod ear» 
and tlie imiiosHlhlt* groen enim toiHiini^ nIL Flrwt of liH faiau * button Inir"; 
the KophK dwiiied it a projK^r Ngiiiijini?, Si^xt, all fa^-eH were liiHi>ecti-d 
for 8l*:rjH of c'UHmetlet* and all iio>«*rt vvdl rou^ad. Thtu at a Klnj^le- word of 
i'dniinarid* ronnrl and rouiid tiif qniid wi-»t tlu? Fr^/sh, rldirif^ broomstl<-k« 
and holdinf^ uuihridlaH alofL 

Brc^akfast time arrived at la»t hut with It mme no relief for the 
FrOHh. After •'bmioninj; ' tiie Soiihn and Faealty into tlie dlulnij roi*m, 
the iMior iu*weoiner« had to eat with knlve«, drink with i^iKiona, and mrve 
at the taldeji. 

Moiida>' wort* away. All Soi>h« had the day well planned and all 
FroHh iitlUy^Hl thidr time an l>fX'anie tht*ir »<{atio)i of humility, 'iiutton, 
Fro»h!'* wnn the salutation of the day ; anrl many a Frowh re?*orted to km^tf 
pnili^, earefully hidrlen fwiiearah niff]t*H and nfjinj<t^«. 

Monday nljrht after dinner, the Froj^h furKi.shed a *'home- talent" or- 
eheKtra for the Kf>phH to danee to* Great wa» the merriment but i?reatpr 
Htili the nmnku Betty Smith icave a iM^autlful costume dance. 

Tue.sday dnwii>< aiFother nlxthirty day. Thin morning the Frosh m- 
tertuiued with gymimHties and hit'torieal *lanc lug— namely* Wap frog and 
(*o]uaiHhe liidiun j>«*w~wow. In the elaK.<-rfKjm on TuesMlaj, IltUe was 
kufiwn by the |grt*c;ii-eap». They inunt have been a «orry Blght--enother 
8Uih a St Iff- legged, ra%v-kneed, weary-eyed Rroni» wrmld U^ hard to flttiK 
All ?^kii s wen* ghastly jiati*. while In tho m-xt t^^at ,HiU the |iamj>e<^rd H^iph 
with hnght vyi^s and \muh Ulooni f^jinple^lon. 

After dinner on Tuesilay the Fv(Mh gave a reprodnrtiow of laHt t^prliign 
Mny file. The whole thing was done in eoHtume. 

1. Mny QMf*en and atrendanb*, 

2, It* ndozvon?^--M. I'olai In f'k— R. Mearm*— €. IlJimilfnu. 
11 Ballon (hnwml dani^*— M. Piuni— K. B<'ard??I(y. 

1. The Spidf-r— Marguerite Feiiske. 
5 Fnntasiv— M* Stroinr. 
Tuesday from nine to nine thirty the FfOBh m^rved a spread for the 
^ophoniort^H in College Hall. 

Wt.iu.Hdav morning the rank and file of the ris-thlrty -Qnad da«« 
htid dwindled ecaisiderably. Mon* leaf>-frog-lng for the Vn.^h who 



Wi'dncstlav after dhincr tlie Krowh gave several of 
Sophomore girls. Undoubtedly tliL-re U a great deal of verltiible iutfut 
hi this year's frwshinan class. 

From nine to uii.o-thlrty on Tuusday the SojJboraores save a lovely 
<; to the Frosh and the two ilasses were OMoe more on equal footing. 
The three days of frosh week served uh o boud of i;ooa-fell..wshli> and a 
moans of making juqualntauces. 

May the yt'ar eontlime ns it has hegim ! 

(Collfftf J&uiilltmtor* Notfn 

'I'hlrtvfivt- luentU-rs of the CoUeye Mouhoi.iore clns». all exwpt one 
Uavlng attended Kra.u.-s Shhner School la«t yoar. met during the s«-o»d 
uH'^k of «ehool for the election of offiw^rs. Olive Smith w«» voted vla> 
rlenf U-e Uanett. seen-tary : and WUhendna Meyer, treasurer, 
'v'^unt ourselve. extremely fortunate In havi... MIsh Parker «h our elus. 
',;„;^l«r. With «ucb a counselor and «et of offU..r«. the ('oUeEo B»,.ho. 
T„or<^ are Eolnff to have some class tlil« year. Watch umI 

Durlnr-'lI'o.h Week", from October 4th to uth. the College So,d».- 
n^onTgave the Fresh a cbau.v to show their ability at washing windows, 
^^llln.' floors, and pressing clothes. The two mo.Ht lK,,»lar words o, 
.^lubbln. n < I p^^,^,^.. i,^^^„,,, f,,,i,, „u airectlonH and 

irTLr^rof '::i:r rm sure, tlmn^h. that .he Frosh. .vho proved to 

.1 ..„,.,#« had iu-^t as i<.lly a time as the Koiihomores did. 
"""'Sirxl-i. t "uo,J a «i.U,.» cbU-to, .U„M-r at SnU.,.-.. A<.or 

.,„. m.;::., ™. d«„™i ... .bo .,-.... a,, .f u. *... . ««». u™ «,-..« » 

•'\ iigiuia Keel" ami **rniil Jones . 

another ^.-hool year oiH>ns with the Freshman cla.s t'''^ ;«'-«^«' ;';«^: 
. ,1 1 P.,n of ei'ergv and ambition, we hoi^- to make thl« year the 
'" "*. 1 M 1 V of simn I We have t^me with the full knowledge of 
';^ZT:^^^:^^^^ determined to aim toward «Ulmer l.eal. 

Ttr^H-ond week of scho.,l .he first fr..hman meeting was l^^'l^l- J"^ 
Pollard wa. eho.^M, counselor, and the folK.wing offU^rs were elected. 
Prellient m.i„e Baker; Secretary. Marjorle Strong: Vic. Tresldent. Bran- 
ces Cunningham: Treasurer. Marian Hall. 

lEhr ftritior (StasB 

The Senior clas« held a nm-tlng on Se,.teml>er twenty-fifth In Hatha- 

';;lU"l^^'" ."•' S.™ r.n..T. T.«a,„rer. The Senior o..». (ee., 

""".J'vorwn.,. >ou «.» «"" "■« '^"'-- «""» ■"""• *""^"' ""• 
„,„,_,vi. linvi. ..i.r priviloBW to look forward to. 


Althouith the itlnm Is uot ti^ large vlb it wag imt year we hoije to make 
up \n qiiHllty tlmi wlildi we lack in tjua nifty, 

\\\\ the Jutiloi«, Belectid our eUm advl«or and oftU^m at a meetlns: 
lu*hl ill Hiiit**HilN*r. We %vere vyrj huppy when MUb Uiggiim conaeut*^ to 
he t>iir roimHt4<ir. Marpiret KlicK'riuikifr waH elefl**rl Pn-sldent; Emily 
Jtwth Vin* l'n*HliUiit; IJeleu Iklwr, Hwretary; and Madeline Mendelaohia, 
TrHirtiiHT. Vhmn were made for the l*rom we pivt* un liniUrnxWu. On 
the? HlxtfH*ijth of Ot'ti>her we went a» a dann to Katy'n for dinner, whiHi, 
i^r iMmi>'i% \\t- fill (*nJoyiMl very rniK^h. 

Aiifillior iirtlvitiy hi whUh almost u\\ ut \\w JunforK are hitt-reHtifJ S» 
our third y«^nr KngUHli rhtsj^ eluli» wljldi Ih to k- known Ud« year a« **The 
Konjc T()im'\ Mjitirljii* IHedHiK^ wmm L*lec:ted President for the flrwt tnontb. 
Mnr^rotlin lUiJHlrr. \\\*i* PreHkh^iit* and ItutU Jomfpb. Her-retary. C)n 
f lftolH*r fourth, the iluh fcavc* a i*^a in Collejfe ilah jmHor ^} that wf? i-ould 
Kt*t N*Hjt*r luijiiiilijU'd. ICvi*ryl*ody (^njoyerl It and I think wv ri^uily rlld Uh*\ 
thnt WP knew eneh nther a HUU* k^tter, 

Arabrmy &a)Tt|amorr Class Sfotra 

This y(«iir'« Sophonjore ria**^ |irf>iiiiw^» to lie n lively one All the ^\tU 
an* **titrnnil'^oinj:" Frances Sbinivrii*'H, At* imwit of tUt*iiJ are old jrtrlu, 
it was an en ay inatti'r t<i tret a^ijualnted wltJi the few new one* ami to 
«tnrt in on biiKine^s. 

AlKjiit thr first wiM^k that elas^mf* i^taritMl, thf* Kophomore« wore culled 
to a ntei^Miij: far the imrpo^H^ of ehHtint' offh^TH: Aun^tU' Klrhy, I'r»i*i- 
(1**1 1 ; -MiMift J^r.sen, Vice l^reHhh^nt; Mary Ami OHoyli% HecTetary and 

On SuinrdJiy ev<-nln(f* Ottokr sixt^^nih, Xhi- Sf^phoniore Hbrjc went 
t(^ Knty'K fnr (hitki^n dhincr. Afti-r eutintt niitli they eould hardly %H 
home, they went to UnUiuwny I'nrlora where they imm^ <^>«». «»<* f***^*" 
ed iiiarrtUmallowit over a roaring firt*. It Ih uiineeeHwiry t<» refwrt lUat 
everylHidy enjoyt^d S^aturtlay evenlr jc as only j^iphomoreH tmn. Ml^^ 
Ln<*nzmriii, who is ehiss advisor, is to W th:iijkf*d for ih- ^tmm mn of 

the fiiu, 

Ara&rmi! yrrflhmni 
At M moi^\\n% held Frhiay evenini:. B* lU^nil^er twpnty-fourth. mm Em^ 
t^r^on was i^lMmni vl^m (^imHeton ami Hm- foHowinic offhvr^ w*>re electe.1: 
President, lone riiddl.k: Vlee in.^ldent. V.m fio^c^rn: t^retary and^^r i'ranlo Smith. We oh.erv..l (lasH Xii:ht hy having dinner at 
Katy'H and th.n n. t ir. ihc^ nK>ni of the Cla^ Pre.hlent U>t mm.^ and a 
r«-m'inl KOfMl titiip. 

u. Ih^ m" .tory .f KrancH Sbim.r «.»l the h,s.»ry of the s^h-K... Aad 



who touUl U'tter tell this tbft.i Mis. McKee, who nttfiule.l tho Mount 
Can-oil Scmiimrv with Mr«. ShhiK'i- at ll.s hwul. an.l who ha« Iwi. hon- as 
the wifo of "Vw IH'fUi" and wiadicnl the S..-hoi.l grc»vV Dhl nut s...iie of 
ttu. ii.dilents or Mrs. Hhiu,ei's life here luuke u« wish xve w.uld «o biuk 
L at least a duv and Uve oti the cauiDUs with Fraiu-es Shimer a» oar 
.M,lde We eertainly ^-hotild all he proud to attend « H<-hool with Hueh a 
wondi'tful woman m the foin.der a.ul should try to live up to her IdeaU. 
Heiitemher 15)-The .sol.jtHt of Dr. Cii'ss-.s talk In Vesinn-s this eventuj: 
"'I ife" H»' t<)ld us the dilfevent oi.iwMtiniitk's Unit are presented lo 
u' and the' hh.' we shonld make of then. In preparing ourselve.s for our 
inlme Ufe as the proinoterRi of huumulty. 

S4.ntember 2«J-The Y. W. O. A. took charge of Vesin-rs. Uelne Haker 
«ave a «hort talk ou the place that the V. W. holds In I.-.-an....s Sld.n.r. 
aniea eaeh cabinet memUn- told alumt the work that she and her cmanm- 
t'J. "mmke ehar.e of thi. year. Miss Morrison remhnled ». of the faet 
that nothing ea.i be dune without money and that It was up to us to coop- 
...ate wilh the cabinet to make this a succes-sful Y. W. year 

nVuL ;i-The subject of I'resident McKcVs talk this ev-nlns was 

"Tcinptatlon". He told lunv temptation Is in the f.Mni <.E an«er. Jcalonsy. 

^^^..^i. theft. drUk. ..neeit. and IngratUude. The iH-rson with a 

r i...wvn,i„hlt. eharacter Is the one who can, by his own wlll=i«.wer. re- 

r; a a.HV ;r:L ,...>.. wl.. ,.«« .kh., shielded all Uls life rron. 

. ,un^ luHHi keut WW U is our n^^tHtiiuoe to mils tlmt 
ttniiiitatioii oivd thus Ihhhi Kipi imiK. 

AfU-r the .eripture reudins from ••Koniars" Heth Uower and Mi..H 

' 1 i.,t \ti*;c ^j»iiti*^tpr iravi* ti vhilhi duct. 

;. r LmIss" Uo.tetter .nve a very interesting talk a bout the 

,.i.t. ie iTla ..s and tr«dlti<.ns of I'alestlue. whleh she vlsite.l last win- 

Tr ^e nbo Na.are.h. where .le.ns liv.d whe,. a .hib, Heth e- 

uL wtn He was l.ovn. and .lerusnleni. where the Temple Is in whl.-h 

'""oi;:: ^nr'iohn a. Kan. the editor of the -Baptisr. s,K.k. t. 

„. th 1. ^^uitiB on the subject of the "Growing of a Soul". His def In tani 

a souUs -nie iK-rsonaHty of an individual, enrlehed by a mortal lo^e 

nd'ri «ith oteJnal life. In tune with the prineiples ^^^ ^ ^^^ 

lesus" The important factor in the development of a soul Is love « 

n rnned 1-. -the energy of a sU-adfast will, bent upon ereatutg fellow- 

'hi? D IrrtaTl-rLdent of I>e« Moine.. College for ...eral years 

i:^ therefore knew how to make ^^^^^^^^^^ 2 "LVlcnd- 
t^tolwr 24— Miss Dowuinj,' gave a ver> Interesting uu^ < » 

su,,' toot .U,. n.«.t l,..,.ro«..v. ......t» .be '•™"«'" ""' «» *", ^ ';: 

i . 1 ,.,-» nin^t he a friend. The outstanding friendship of the 
L: 111:? e l^tw^ .1 - -"1 III. dlselples. Just as the dUiples made 
iTru'^iriesis. so we eonld nuike a friend of Him If we '>» >.->"!; -^ 
B"fore Miss Powaiugs talk Gwend<.ly.. Bi.ssel acumpamed b, IVna 
Wihldfs played a violin mlo, 



Orft Miiy <1api«T, '22, Ui Mr Wiinnm jinwUiiin CU^avf on June 1% 
192(1 At lUmHu Ki4Hl <Thi<fi^*i, Itulliirjfi. 

Xi'tii ThtH'iHi Nvln^l 'U, to Mr. iMmi ElUworib Brown on July 30. 

TLflinii <*lH*»n, rs*-2fK to Mr, Ji<»nj?inl VhurUn Vmk m i^pU-mlH^r Z, 
1920. at liarth j% Iowa. 

IaAh Mary IlililiH, 21. to Mr. I'liiil ic. lirtU on H-'tnHn»>i*r I, 1020, at 
TV« ^lohii'H, lowii. At UonM\ IHh MoSihh, Iowa. 

Mar hi in I**»narlo, '17-19, to Mr. Jowi»h C'onv on Jnno 2l>. 1026, at 
(ljfc*ai:o, IJUiioiH. 

Judith irarrtn, '17- 19, to Mr, Lyman H, Hint of Bufto. Moulmia. on 
AugUHt ir>. 11*2li, at ('iih-a;;*!. HltnoiH, 

Jam* \V>nv*»r, "24, to Mr. Kxa Ciori^t* Thl**m(' on July H, IJi^k at 3iIor* 
r\HfHh ilUaolK. 

Hk^nnor It* unhifMi, 'W2ih to Mr. Harry H. Hoat'laiMl on July 17, Ism, 
al WliitinKt hi(llaini. At lhnm\ WoodstiK-k, IIlijioL^. 

iljirk' I^>uii<e I'alnior. '02^"<k;, Ut Mr, Alfx LnU-tkiri cui July fj, lfi2ll iit 
Witbita, KanHfif*. At Homo, i*awhuKka, (iklahonui. 

l'rudi*n*v MnvKi*nyAi\ *!S, to Mr. V, OKfrr«i* liuHHau on July *it, 11*2*), m 
j)av(»ii|K>rt. Iowa. At llum*\ Jiiiy*.svllii*, \Yi?4**on«!a. 

J<»atjn('th* l'Htti*rH4>ri to Mr. U*itn K, Siotbovv**r on Au^'tixt in. Mfin, at 
Kfickforil, Illinois, At llonm after (icti>lK*r I, Warren* IllinoSK 

Wancta Evaii**, *22, to Mr. MorrlH K, hurt on Oi'to!»er Jl, 102*L at Ijnn 
An\n*h^H. California. At Home, lUonkn A|iartrnent, 248 H^aitb Wei*!i^ni 
Los AiijreJH**, (ViHfornla. 

Alma FcuHkiN IK to Mr, WaltfT T. Markow, on (><'to!»«*r Ifl WMl at 
< Ilk aw. At Hume* after NoveinlH^r 15. WM. at 42<>l Xortb MaiisfMd Avi- 

nui\ Chleaga, 

t^lnra Kue(Mai«trb. i*x-faeulty, h" Mr, K'nou Vimn^r H*K-kSair on Auk- 
ii>4t T, nmi at MayviHe, VV i.-«i-<iiiHitK 

Esther VvXirmm, 2(l-'2K to 5Ir. Itomkl C. Ptire<41 on AuiruKt 28, timk 
at Maim (^ottaf?o, CJear Lake. Iowa. At Uonitv Him4 Tn^iUeat, KansaM 

City, aUM,sourL . ..^ , »., 

HeliMi Xi>*f»itt. 24-'25, t** Mr, Vo]v Wiirfl *jii (WtolR^r 4, IfffiO. at Jtli? 
rininds. Ml<hl;ran, At Home. Hint. Mkhipin. 


To Mr and Mr«, G, G, Grieve ( Florein.^ Milleker. IS) a dainsbter 
Maijorie Hokirta. August 2, 1112*1 at East Chlmm ladiana 

To Mr. and Mr«, Karl 3fi«Kly (Neva Welch) a mn Jflek BarL Januar> 
10, 1 frits, at Mom t CarrolL lUfnoIs, 

T. Mr, and Mr«. i'aul S. Bauer (Kathrena Willianis) a mn Paul 8. 
Jr. Mav Zl 1S»20, at Carabrklfie. Ma^achn^ttH. ..^nr-m 

l^Mr and M... HanM.^ UvK^ (MaU4 im.b... 151 a .>u UdHam 



Dnvia \u;jU8t U. l!»2ti. >U Puri'st 1 litis. Loim Isliuid. N*-«- V»rk. 

To Dr. mi<l Mr«. "«ll>h Ha«-.vt.r (Mnrth.i (iiw... Ut) a ,!iiu«lit^.r Horn- 
litul, Oftobor 2. 1»20, at tlu- l'iL>«l»yU'Vl«n liuspUal. Clvk-iiKo. 

To Mr mill Mrs. Stuart Bortge Dauioii (Miirgurct McKee, '10) a son 
lUissi'Ullmv,.. Sn.T*'ml.iM- i:!, Wm.Ut Si«-i»KtU>ld. Ma^wulmsftls, 

Kli/.uli.'th carr. -20. im-Ksi-d thf <.xanihu.lioiis oi tin- VMvm- KiitiaiHt> 
B.)nra ai«l Has wtteroa ill. H.)l.voki. <?o1U'Ko. 

Ili-h-n Wi'lt.v. ■'■it»''2l. lUTii.limtf.l fn.m tin- t'niv.Tslty of I'.wa In .hint' 
mid is;' i» tlJ"-' hiKh s.buol at lUmf IslaiiO. Illinois. 

\Mrv DiHllev 'a-i. lias bwn lumoroa with an oplK.lntinunt to a posilU.a 
on the faculty of' G.H,r«.town University, from which slu, was «.,uhHa,.l 
in June. Sho will teatb Fii>iK:h. 

Biws KirtU'V. •20--22. ba« hii^n in fharKC of tht" Utwrvii Library lu tbi- 

U sir Sin.e U'uvir, Frann-. Shluun- .h. h«« att.....!... »u.-Un.>l ni- 
vlrlltv for ft nn.l has iu thf pubHc .cb«ol« «f Dayton. Ohio. 

Vhjrinia Dauh-U, '2G, ba^ U-Kun traUilu!; l« tht- S.'h«..l of NnrHlt.K »t 
ihi- IMvsl.vtfrian nospital, (Chicago. 

V..rm. Davis. 'atJ. has a positlo.. with thi- ObkaKo Tribun*.. 
Marian Hopkh>s. -i. .iru- her ,ra<h.ati..n tb. Sar.....t s< u».l o 
inn-'h-li Kam-atlon. ba.< Un.. an assistant tn th. lK,mrtn»..,t of I'b.vs.n.l 
KrtiKation in r.rtMuniu V»\\i"A*', UainsviUe. (Uors-'ia. 

mno I.u.k.y. v.). and May Tip„et Mo, nler. "l.. 10. and dan^btv 
UoJmarv nUU.l at the S.ho»l h- J"l.v. l^o"""" retarnod to h.r I"-""- " 
^^l «<Ws of I'ontia. iu S.,mMnlH.r. Hb. has b..n t.achlnK 

^'%;::iC;::rKuv. ■..>t.-.s. .anod «» the s.booi ^ .«.y. m. dan.h^ 

t.r Vnlta is a un.ub.r of th. eolk..« .sophomore class, and her nice*. Janet 
('r.»b-un entorwi as a i-oUepe fre.sbmaii in Septenibr. 

Tl^h. Vox, m who ha. been the efflvlent office s^.-retary at Francvs 
ShUneTsuL hr; graduation fron. the rn,ve.-sUy of Wi^.-.-nsla. bas been 
.r, initial a leave of ftltstMHi- for tlu^ year t!>2«i 2i. 

■"';ircr>;:rr::: r:r «. ....• .- «.■•..-- — "■ 

<-h«»«i.l! <v«s « snwssful tracbor for aevernl iear» in C-dnr Van. J 
ta", ."r tJnlv.T,lt.r. nml l.<.h»ny College. Mlowlns 1." »»""«< 

"";:;r:;:- ":..'.:; -tl »■„> „.„.. » -^ o, - «,, or 

FU.„n,v Itawr. -il. »1 bcr b»u„. h. CbtaRO oi. A,CT»t 1.!. lUo H.".." 



extends HJnwrc- Hyii.„atby to ber immiUn «,,a to her alHter, Vera Ilttri>er, 

JuJitt Jtobbiii« CUainiiait, i^x-tmuUs. ^nn\n Kreetliigtt froni her home In 
Tiit'Oiuu, Wa«hlij>fU>ii. 

Earl Binltli, '01, 1« hi«d of Uje ch^imrhiierit of i^aiio in the Miami 
( Florida ) Coirj^t^rvatory of MukIc, 

KU?Ah\H'ih dmkmm, '22, 1h aH.^lKtaiit to thc^ ftccn-ury of tht* Sodal 
Hervk-*? Bureau of Couiidl Bluff », Iowa* 

Chnrlota* Ilagrman, *22. naunied to i^hfMjl wt the orw-uiPK brlii^'lni; 
her HtHtitr, Mary KUzahelh, t*j pn|»aro for VawKJir. 

Alarjoriv Graham, '2ii, vLsitijd frk-iMlH at the Hi hml lu SvpttfUiUdt, She 
\^ tt^at^hliiK blHt**ry lii tb<! hl^h wt-bwl at Blin* iHlmnl, IIUiiuIk 

I^iljta Wliite, -20, s|m nt a day at Hvhnul in Bt*pt(-iJilic*r on her way to 
Wasbiiik^tou, I>. C. wht*re Hbo will i*iitir Kalriaoiint HilmA for Glrbi, 

Martha Banihart. *24, MjMfrt the flrnt vvf^i^k i*nrl after ihi* ojieulnj^ of 
RCbcH^l with Wo|*blf IVrry, '2f, who vitUviHi ,hmlur Culh-i^t' afur ^i^-ntnu]! 
lant yyiir abroad. 

Aitiioamrle \VVc*kR< i^x-faf-ulty, 1» Uvhm In Ixm AiiKek-H, wht*re f*he 
haw a S4H'retiirinl iMjr<itioiL 

PbylliH SianshulL '24, who wnn graduated from KiaerM»Ti rr,ih>|*i*^ p^^s^ 
toi>t la^t June, i» ti^achiug thin yt>ar at VunnUmUnu Malti 

The flttraetlve lK)ok pinte uhcmI by tlie Iowa Htiite Uhrary wn** de- 
Hipied liy Mary Brijjlunii JobuHori, '15, 

I/iuree Ibiffuuia, '22''2-'i. after two yc^arn of trai'eh Ih mntitinln;? her 
eoUe^^e work at l4ike Ftirest (lollepe, 

t^elraa and Volit Aro^^inena, '5&'2«t. relurni'il to Amerlei! In fteplemk-r 
and enteerd a buHlnesi* college in Trenton* N(*w Jerwy. 

Julia tnekiiian, '14. ban entered the trulverrtity of Wushhisiton to eojn- 
plct*' ber collet;** work* 

Judith VVllllaniHp '2<V has besnin tralrdniJ in the Illinois Hfinttti ffjr 

Nur^^s, CblraKo, 

Mary Salome PfleeKer^ 'MK i.^ teaching; in tlii* Srarr*^ir SrhcKj for Girls, 


Ei^anor S<*ain-efip 2^. bas a i»r>Hition In the offi<^« of the Swe^Iish- 
Auieriean 8toamljoat Company of t'hlrago, 

Mlliln^l Tin;;dah. 21 *22. Ih doJatc ihlia-wdfan^ work In Minneapolis. 

Marjorie Tbfunps^ai. "SI I^ola Blow, '23, Waltre&ai Lunt. '2.1. ivn^ 
nHHlKiUiit i'<MHis.4HrH Hi a girls" i-iHiip in \Vi,^/^inr<in eoaiJnei<*<l l.y IJiu^»ln 

Center, Chieaso. ^ ^ 

Kloi^^f Tin^ley, ex-faeolty, L^ nmv tt^iehin^ in Flurlrlii Woman « to]. 

h^;:e, TaHeha^**ee, 

Irent. Friend Jorkim. nn-^2H, Uve^ in I^irk Bldge. Shi^ her oinrrbi^* 
.b*^ br^r interest in dranmtim c^aehin^ play8 and i^asreantB. 

Ella Caini.l.4l Whitnmn, '85. ilied In Seattle on 8eplenil>er 20th, Mr«, 
Whitman and ber husband. Hev, G. K. Whitman, n^^a more Ihnn tb ny 
yean, in ndssionary work Ir. Cbinn wher. tbd. ^tv.. broa.t. n.t.M 


The — Frances shimer record 

;; ;toU. Xir work were U.v. au,t M... (..or.. Ca..n,..n. U. rurna. 

roSer of Mr«. Whltnmu. Mr«. Cami.boll ^viU ho r.uK-uluMH.U a. Jen uU, 

Wmtl an bv many .student, of th. 80'.s. Mrs. Whituuu. had H.Kn.t tl.o 

!ltt ^r on" furlough with Uor sou a»c. dattgUU.r lu S*.«ltle a.K. l.nd ex- 

\\ i^ i»in luT bushanU In CliUia lu tht> fall. 
' imZ^n. ^-•2:.. h«H a lM>siU«» with Marshall Ki.hl .. CHnupany 

Wholenale Hou^c duuehtcr of Mr. anrt Mrs. .J. S. MIU« (Graoc 

. , ''*"."; «; J rho.^^^^^ Of her parents on June SO. ma. 

:: Mr'Noni ;»;:;: M.ver. l'r..iaent M<.K.. r.aa the nnurh.. ..ere- Fox. '120. and [la/el Uownlui;. '^Ji^. a.te.l ns l.rUU.s> 

7 .J^^^^^ -m reside in U.n, Meu.-h. Culilurniu. where Mr. 

M;;rt in ^:i.-^->t- t'- t"^l-tb>n h..r«U>rU. of the Vnlon Oil Tom- 

'" -Helen Moore. !». bus a .s.e;vtarial position with the UUuois Trnst 

.,,a nlJ^f-V Kn.laud. where she was graduate worK in Kn«. 

"'"'Marie Pahner. -O-iMk daughter «f Mrs. «"-h ^loonK^v I' 77 was 
nmrrleil at the hon.e of her parents in Wlehita. Kansas, on ..,d, b. l.-b. 
Mr Carlos Smith, who attended Frances Sbinu-r if the da.vs of e,. 

f r;rhrDama;' o Mr. Sndth has sent baeK to Kran- 

mstitute m "«'""^"^^ ; ' j^.^.„ ,„ ,,.,,.brfttl«n of Sllliinan-s Quartn- 

rr"";;^:^. . T^ o-H«eH 1ue,«ded a pa.eant ,a-es<.n,ia« the 

;;r:;:;:;'::r;:r::i pvo.res.s of smmn.... ...• ^u. ..... m-. -.-. ..., 

*harse of the wstuining and stnpe inoiK-rties. 

M,„.v Branson. -4. served as maid of honor nt the weddln. of Wanda 
Fvnns '22. In bos Anjreles on Oetober 0. li»2(;. 

Mlb,H^ Nobabara who e.>n.,.leted her preparatlor for e«lle..e at Fram.... 
.bimert; itn t'ehln^ Bn^Ush in The Won.enVHn.Hsh CoUe.e. Dosh- 
Uhii Univen«ltv flt Kynto. Japan. 

UutU Heller -24. was «radnate<i fron. the miversUy of W.seonsin In 

r;;rr.':nrr;;™ t:;;''p:...^.f ■■«. ■• "■ -"•■•- '■■ "- 

,„;:",! r^r;. tw.„ k.,.,,. .„,...., .-ore .,.» .. .«.>•>. ... ».....■ -• 

trw'fll ehnrrh work. , ,,. ,, , 

, L^i- ,i.,.H, '^hflttiuk ■20, t*. Mr. Tbtanns J. Skelbt 
The cncaKenient or Kli^.alu'tb Shattutk. - ' 

of MinncaiH,lis. has be*:. aniumnwMl. 

, -X7:^:^->^:^^^«^'^-- •■'■■ 



Co\U%v In Hc^du tuber. 

MnrlUu Unmu. HB. vnUvil at tin* Sck»ol in Oetolier wljlle a guost at 

Frk'iiti!* ut FraiHHiK Hbiuier were g!acl to wdeome Iloleii Etitler Delt- 
rJch* '24-^25, hiuk for a w^H^k-end Iti OetoU-r. 

JvHHie MiU s Sn l^kJiM, h2. and Mary Mlkn 'D5, jiUm to ^mid the wlu- 
ti*r hi Ilui.ohilu with Ikkn MUen Strlekk*r, '10, who b U*iirUlriK them 

riorouro BuKtkui. *l>r>. aiul Jlury Fry. '1)8, calkd nt tlie Hi-hml dmUrx 
the Kuiiinier. 

Kli'iiiior Wrkh, '24, wnK j^rfNlufikMl from niiiKjlH WeHkyan IamI Jtiiir? 
fttHl ♦.'4 in^w ht'Ud of tin* MliKiinh Dtrpanuierjt in tin* ChiTifm FllgU Hdif^;!, 

Marj^'urta WU«k'r, '2(j, Hinmt h(r vamtioji at 'Gk nriitac* Uie «ummtr 
haiiu* of k(»r ramUy at U!fk*. Cokirado, Hhe wUI spend the winter iravel- 
hiK iibroiid with her father. 

Mnrjorli* KIsrr, "if*, Idih <'ntrrc*d tin* «'*«irMt* iji Hodk^ E<%rimmJ€» hi tin; 
Thilveri^ity uf Indiana. 

Hiith KwtahniokH KitlKnirn. *8D, tht^ hlln^iH Edna and MolHe KhUi- 
l^roitk??, 'HH, vtHltvd Lhif Hebwl in Uctolier 

Mr. and Mvh. Harfn^r Mt*K(^t* (Mahtfl HuKheH. '15) and family i^ill 
siK-nil tbi* wijdi^r in (.'nraea.s. Vene/.upia, wlicn* Mr, M*Kit' wiJl repreM^nt 
tiw fiiiu ut iH'trohann jHHtUj}!^\Htn of whl<'b bi* Jh a nn'mlw*r. 

Mary Noiirms *M>. has rettmnHl W Amerlra afU-r Hi)eudinic »^v**ral 
yearn teacliiiif: in Chhia, and in now Irmtrtn'tor In Auierlcan HlMtory atul 
Travtd Ow;,^rn|)liy in Dana IlnlK W<lbHk*y, MnHmflnmUH. 
MorcMKi* lU^nm, '22, hm a mHtc tarial iKtnUUm in VA^in. 
.Ti»>«iiiilne Kwin^', 20, hm entt*r*Ml Urn Hnlvi-rsUy of California, 
MnUA MorrlM, '%% took her A. hL fh>)rree in Jone at the UniTer«lty of 
Town and I« at preM*iit mu^hlm In Slor^nd. Arizona. Bhe wriU^ that she 
t*x|H>ct?* to HiK'na (^hrlwtmas with t>b^rk^v f>t^*n in T^s Angeles, 



.•Bill" lunven : "1 bad au itppU- auU t>vo yle»-e« ot <iike >n tl.I« .Irmvur 
Inst cvt'iiU.;:. l>ltl yo" «« luiythinn of thcmV 

Carr : "Oh, my -m! I didn't «ve« ^ tUe olU-r plm> »r .uU.'. 

Wnssmi: "Say. Sally. lU toll you s<H.uahi.>^ If yo,, do„t «o blowInK 

U all oviH- the campiw. 

Sully Au.K.:-01i. -hat t«itV I w«.i t toll 1 

Kate: "Ycmv© got o l>l« nose." 

"The Sf-oteh iM^ople are IvKimdnS to walk ImHiwanls-." 

"How's that?" 

-So that th,>.v <nu f^flve their front .st.>iw. 

Pn'^soiiser: -What makes this tvnln so slow?" 

VT^ r«.,.ht.Hor • "If von don't liko it. pot off and wnlk. 

1:::::^ '"-u". omy m. .u. ..p.-... ...n tmn..- 

Mhv nahricl: "Do you know what rh.y .-aU Klrls who p. over to th. 

''""EH^^r Crist: "Xo. What do thoy call themT 
AUw : "€uj«t«mt'rs !" 

j„„. Foster: (After ptm-hasl..' a .stan.yU "Po . have to ,.«t It on 
■ ' iN,;t dfflw' Clerk: "No. pm it .m the letter." 

Aviator: "Half the people down there thou^-ht wo wo,-e Pdn^ to 


Vn^-vn-Avv. "So <Ud h.iU the JH-oplc up here 




liUl K*hviirds: "UjifcUiit,^ sin^4 cam/* 

Sraturr Calaum 

Jt limy Ih* ("upid who pUn%H^H tlie heflrin wirh nmmn, Urn It tiiken a 
pn*tty t(h*l Ui clnivv tlie Iihiux, 

Hi ailiriK vviUiuut tlihiktug iu an mmlm m tt is iirevalcftiL 

'i lu* liflKlM of j>iiliih*»jiiif»t*H Ik a Kpiljiter In u wcKxiin U%. 

FuKlilcHJ Hlujiily mmnn (loiUm that ari? tM^lnir worn llii« wiM.^k, 

Tlu» HUjin ijj(* fhiill [n tlu^ (flntrie ihalr, 

SnraiHUi in tht' Hour ("reaui of wit* 

TIhm(« Ih nothing ho frlinuUy tin u wet do^. 

Hard hu'k In u [ioHb* imim* for Hlw|jhm nU^kut-m, 

if s(*jiu' iK'(i|>h>'H fa«'i»H were thc4r forrtiia^. tliey would 1m* fti (UAiL 

JIikIj ]aorrdi)i^% frlf^ncHy fouidaio tH-n, 

[ ii\\i yoti lit thi; ijik< 
I [»reH.*« the levc^r on your nUk* 

Aiie! Ki^'o yoii Ion;: to drink. 

AH clay wUt* lovini? fhijr«*rM, 1 

Cari'Ks your Mtihiiu^ ttirvo, 
I wonsli-r if yoii reailsw* 

'i'lie nnerenw you d**?«*m** 

And nircv the iiiidt*r«tandfntf rejidnnl 

I lov« you, four I til III |M'ii* 
(V*in(s and a rt^wcWutUjo make 

Xnt Ut hv luiii nuiiUh 


You wniJt to *£0 to Hailtb [MTimpH: 

[]i St anil of a tmiiclj of f^mii tiioorj*, 

llitTc* may I«* *^uK',J'*!^tioaH to iiiakt' lattyliaiw. 
But I i^linuhl rmfpr '^iH*i[ old Shlimr. 

(tr uiayhe 'tl^ to Widlwhw youd no, 

To find mmv tf^idxTj^ flt»f*r : 
nut if to flud which way tht'y hl^^^% 

Vou'd N^st cf>Bii^ straiirbt to .Shlraer, 

Tlicn. jx^rHiaiiee your mind to Va^sar should turn; 

For \var:r of c-amriu?* jsiulilimi-r. 


Uere, too, I'm sure you're hooii to learn. 
Tbere are noue to compare wtth Sblmer. 

„„„m> intcrestod h> ... of it. and ..pedal., oujoy tu. iK»trj. 

"'\?'„"; .fC"r vU iu...r....„. ,.u....catU„., «.,„.„■.,« ..,.„„• «™.- 
lent fetiture.H. 

''''^rl';orL^r:u;o >..- ....u. es^ei«u>. tue ...... 

we avknmvledge with apprcn-lntton the rolU.wh.s exdmngen: 

Wayuvno Ubkbtisoh. livavcr, Ham, Wi^. 

Gbacbland Kkcoko. Latnoni. loim. 

IsDiTSTKiAi. StroEST. Ccimp UilU Alabama. 

The Dbnisosian, Oro).r.((e. Ohio. 

KstvuDEU. Wiwhextor. Uax^. 

TlIKTUAnBSMAN. /{««fo». .Uo««. 

J.'. J. UllOUKS 

T. B. RHon*-s RllOClCS r>rOS. Mt. CAitiK'U.. lu^ V.Hi;i 

SavaN-na. li-i- l«»-* ,.. ,, „ 

Mr CabuoM- Ii-L. 1NH4 MOTTO » 

LIVE AND LET LIVE ^j^^' pj^^ter. 

Lumber, Sash, COALS Cement, Brick, 

Doors and ^„ ^^^^ KINDS Tile, and 

Wood Building ^ ^,^, Mason's 

Materials of all ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^.^ Supplies 

W# Uke jpridt fai fl«lUn| Jewtlry of 
quaHty- Our •lock ti mlwsys up-to- 
liate. Spectftl atttntion grlvem to 
Watch » Clock anil Jewolry Repairing. 
Kodaks n^ ' ' Uik Stipplfet. 

E< L, 1^ E, Leadlnf Jeweler 


fCr*f> fi Your Account 
with the 



ifi law i>r(et»H 

p:n T^HONE BLACK 118 
H to 12 a. m. 
1 to 6 p- ni' 


Dry GtMHin RcadT-to-Wfttr 

0, H- MAKTIN a. G. CO, 

Nor^hieii f'''*^ Footwear 

The Carroll Caunty State Bank 
Ml CarroU, HL 

Spiicial attention at accounts of 

faculty and atudents. We main^ 

tain a representative at the 


H- J, C/i J.L, Vii .hr<T 

F M, IJKIiKHMAN, Cahhiiui 
M. A, HAItTMAN, AaniHT. Ca»b. 

S. p. COLEHOUR, M. D. 

Mt. CftrrolU IlUai/U 

1 to 3 p- ni, 

7 to 8 p. m. Phone Bkck 210 



8 to 12 a- m. 
1 to & p. m. 
WcKt of Ourl IIoui(« Siiotr* 

Ind. Phone R«d 27 Mt. Carroll. IIL 


Hcadqimrters for 

Tinware, Cooking Utensils. 
Towel Racks. Cutlery 

Special Mtenlion Gtvcn Sdiool Tinde 



Purol GaBoHne and Tiolenc Motor OH 

Cabin Creek KerofKne 


Thaa. B- fthoim Frrf J. Etedea 




Dealara in Coal, l^^^j. 8«^ 
Doora. Lime. PlaatOT. BalWSag Tfl« 
and Siloa. and ctl»«r baildm* iB*t«H- 
al Drain Tile. Your tiade Madly 
S.Udted. RH0D E3 BROS. 


Eleciriail Supplies 

and Repairing 

Plumbinjf and Heating 


ML Carroll, 

Offir. tf.-ra fr«» 1 to S-7 to 8 P- « 


Frances Shimer Schoo 

AHomeSci i [orm"'':"^"^ 4^""y *^ 



V,^JUcgt; 5^ 

>rta.At tl 

HI. They w€ 


nd i 

'.^ lA"